Courses curriculum and research employment of the Postgraduate Programme on “Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Environment”

Courses Code Hours ECTS
A΄ Semester
a.. Practical Meteorology GMCM 101Y 2 5
b. Computer Programming GMCM 102Y 2 7
c. Thermodynamics and Statics of the Atmosphere GMCM 103Y 2 6
d. Climate of Mediterranean-Greece GMCM 104Y 2 5
e. Solar and Terrestrial Radiation GMCM 105Y 2 7
Total: 10 30
B΄ Semester
a. Dynamic Meteorology GMCM 201Y 2 5
b. Synoptic Meteorology GMCM 202Y 2 5
c. Satellite Meteorology and Climatology GMCM 203Y 2 5
d. Atmospheric Pollution GMCM 204Y 2 5
e. Agricultural Meteorology GMCM 205Y 2 5
f. Methods of Climatic Analysis GMCM 206Y 2 5
Total: 12 30
C΄ Semester
a. Cloud Physics and Weather modification GMCM 301Y 2 7
b. Dynamic and Physical Climatology GMCM 302Y 2 6
c. Climatic Changes GMCM 303Y 2 4
d. Atmospheric Boundary Layer GMCM 304Y 2 5
e. Numerical Weather Forecast GMCM 305Y 2 4
f. Climate modeling GMCM 306Y 2 4
Total: 12 30
D΄ Semester
a. Master Thesis GMCM 401Y 30
b. Practical Training
Total: 30


Note: In the D΄ semester it is included the practical training at Macedonia Airport Weather Office and the Centre for Meteorological Applications of Greek Agricultural Insurance Organisation.
ECTS: European Credit Transfer System