Admission Requirements

In the Postgraduate Program are accepted for admission graduates from School of Sciences, Geotechnical and Environmental sciences and other related to the subject departments of Universities, Polytechnic Schools and Technological Educational Institutes of Greece and corresponding recognized institutions from abroad. In all cases the overall grade of the degree must be at least “very good”.

Candidates should have excellent or very good knowledge of at least one foreign language, preferably English while the foreigner candidates of the Greek language. The certification of knowledge of a foreign language is based either on official recognized titles or written exam and the certification of the Greek language only with official recognized title.

According to the regulation, the selection procedure takes into account the following quantified criteria.

a. Written or oral examination of candidates on Meteorology, Climatology and computers, 35%.

b. The overall grade of the graduate degree, 20%.

c. The marks in three (3) relevant undergraduate courses, 10%.

d. The mark of the undergraduate thesis, 10% or 5% when the Thesis’s objective is not relevant to Master aims.

e. The relevant research activity, 7.5%.

f. The foreign language skills, with priority to the extent of knowledge of English, French and German language, 5%.

g. he interview of their candidates, their CVs and recommendation letters, 12.5%.