Anagnostopoulou Christina

Anagnostopoulou Christina


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Anagnostopoulou Christina

Department of Meteorology and Climatology

Associate Professor

Research Field Climatology-Synoptic and Dynamic Climatology

Research Interests

Climatology-Synoptic Climatology-Weather Types

Dynamic Climatology – Teleconnection Patterns Κλιματικά ΜοντέλαΔυναμικός Υποβιβασμός Κλίμακας

Climate Change - Regional Climate Models-Dynamical Downscaling

ExtremesClimate HazardsStatistical Climatology


Undergraduate, School of Geology

GMC 209Υ Introduction to Computers

GMC 431E Climatology - Climate of Mediterranean and Greece

GMC 767E Applied and Dynamic Climatology

Postgraduate in Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Environment, School of Geology

GMCM101 Software development

GMCM104Y Mediterranean – Greek Climate

GMCM 302Y Synoptical and Dynamical Climatology


Doctor at Climatology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (2003)

MSc in in Meteorology-Climatology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1999)

BSc in Geology, Faculty of Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1996)

Selected publications

Vagenas, C., Anagnostopoulou, C., & Tolika, K. (2017). Climatic Study of the Marine Surface Wind Field over the Greek Seas with the Use of a High Resolution RCM Focusing on Extreme Winds. Climate, 5(2), 29.

Anagnostopoulou C (2016) Drought episodes over Greece as simulated by dynamical and statistical downscaling approaches Theoretical and Applied Climatology, doi: 10.1007/s00704-016-1799-5

Tolika K., Anagnostopoulou Ch., Velikou K., Vagenas Ch. (2015). A comparison of the updated very high resolution model RegCM3_10km with the previous version RegCM3_25km over the complex terrain of Greece: present and future projections. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, doi:10.1007/s00704-015-1583-y

Rousi Ε, Anagnostopoulou C., Tolika K., Maheras P, (2015) Representing teleconnection patterns over Europe: A comparison of SOM and PCA methods. Atmospheric Research. 152, 123-137.doi.org/10.1016/j.atmosres.2013.11.010

Anagnostopoulou C. Zanis P., Katragkou E. Tegoulia I and Tolika K (2014) Recent past and future patterns of the Etesian winds based on regional scale climate model simulations. Clim Dyn. DOI 10.1007/s00382-013-1936-0

Anagnostopoulou C. and Tolika K. (2012) Extreme precipitation in Europe: statistical threshold selection based on climatological criteria. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, DOI 10.1007/s00704-011-0487-8.

Tolika K., Zanis P. and Anagnostopoulou C. (2012) Regional climate change scenarios for Greece: Future temperature and Precipitation projections from Ensembles of RCMs. Global NEST Journal, 14(4), 407-421

Flocas H., Hatzaki M, Tolika K., Anagnostopoulou C, Kostopoulou E., Giannakopoulos C, Kolokytha E, Tegoulias I(2011) Ability of RCM/GCM couples to represent the relationship of large scale circulation to climate extremes over the Mediterranean region. Climate Research, 46, 197-209.

Anagnostopoulou Chr, Tolika K, Maheras P (2009). Classification Of Circulation Types: A New Flexible Automatic Approach Applicable to NCEP and GCM Data. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 96,3-15. DOI 10.1007/s00704-008-0032-6